Customers paying through PhonePay payment mode please note that the payment will be confirmed in 24 hours after the payment made and next day we will start processing the order

Domestic shipping will cost you Rs 300 (It may be an additional cost in few different region for Riding Gear products).

For domestic buyers, orders are shipped through our contracted courier services. Orders are shipped within 2 working days of payment receipt if the goods are in stock. Orion Motors Riding Store is not liable for any delay in delivery by the courier company and only guarantees to hand over the product to the courier company within two working days from the date of the order and payment. Delivery of all orders will be to the address of the buyer as per the order.

Approximate delivery time (of Riding Gears) for various regions in India:

North:           7-15 working days

South:           5-10 working days

East:             7-15 working days

West:             7-15 working days

North East:     7-15 working days

Central India:  5-10 working days

Please note that the above-mentioned timelines are indicative only.